Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Hello Blogland,
I am writing to tell you with both sadness and relief that after 7 and a half years, I am going to be closing down Georgie Love in the next 4-6 weeks (hopefully to tie things up at the end of the financial year). I have been contemplating this decision for probably the last 2 or so years, but gave myself 12 months at the end of the last tax year to see if I felt differently. I don't.
Obviously my life has changed in ways I couldn't expect over the past 7.5 years - I had 2 children, moved to a small country town, and started full time work again at a place I love. I also didn't anticipate how much the handmade market would change - I was ecstatic to see it take off, be embraced by mainstram culture and absolutely bloom, but have also been extremely discouraged by how many people joined the market to make for profit instead of a love of craft/making. I feel like a bit of a fraud selling in a climate that I have become quite cynical about.
So yes, finally I am at a place where I am sad to leave something I have invested so much time and myself in, but relieved to be closing down and focusing 100% on where my life is at now (but still very much an advocate and supporter of handmade!).
I wanted to thank YOU so very much for helping me make Georgie Love what it is/was over the past 7 years, I am grateful for all the support, encouragement and friendship shown to me over this time.
FINALLY - to clear out stock and make my job far easier in a months time, I am letting everyone know of the code FINAL which will take 40% off everything in store.
Thanks again and may we keep in touch over our new adventures!  I am not sure if I will be back and blogging and in what form, but one of my mottos is definitely never say never.  :-)
Sal & Georgie


Wayward Harper said...

Awww bye bye miss Sally and Geeeeorgie!! I'll miss your awesome ramblings and delightfulness ;)
Good luck in all your future endeavors! xx Nadia

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you go, but I understand why. Sorry I haven't bought anything for a while.....Good luck with any new adventures.


Tegzinthewoods said...

Super sorry to hear this. Loved your site - but can understand your frustrations.. All the best with your future endeavours - hope we see you blogging and/or promoting super crafts some time down the track.